Safety complaints

Before raising a workplace health or safety issue with us, constructive steps should be taken to have a safety issue resolved in the workplace.

These steps may include:

If none of these courses of action are appropriate or successful, you can contact us for assistance on 13 10 50 or by email to

In order to action your request for service, we will need information that allows us to:

  • find the address of the workplace and the location within that workplace where the work health and safety issues are occurring
  • identify the exact nature of the work health and safety issues/concerns (eg working at heights or plant safety risks)
  • identify the name and address of the organisation or individual in control of the workplace

Any other information that will assist us to respond appropriately to the work health and safety concern is also appreciated.

Inspectors will not reveal the source of the request to the workplace parties involved unless you consent. If you choose to remain anonymous when speaking to us, it is not possible for an inspector to seek further information from you or provide feedback.

Complaints about bullying

If you believe you have been bullied at work, you should read the information on our bullying pages. This includes information on how to make a complaint about workplace bullying.