Demolition work involves demolishing a load-bearing structure or changing the physical integrity of a structure.

It is high risk work, but it does not include:

  • dismantling formwork, falsework, or other structures used to provide support, access or containment during construction
  • removing power poles, light poles or phone poles.

Must do’s

There are specific laws about doing demolition work safely. Here we summarise those laws and give you some practical tips.

Notify us

Use the online notification system or the demolition notification form to let us know you intend to begin demolition work.

You must notify us five days before undertaking any demolition work that involves:

  • the demolition of a structure more than six metres high
  • load-shifting machinery (eg an excavator) on a suspended floor
  • explosives.

Get a licence

A licence is required to conduct certain types of demolition work. Check which demolition licence you need as well as eligibility and application requirements.

Prepare a safe work method statement

Use this template to create your own safe work method statement.

Check for asbestos

Check the asbestos register before beginning demolition. If a register is not available, have a competent person inspect the structure for asbestos. Remove all asbestos before beginning demolition work.

More information

For general information about planning demolition work, controlling risks, using different demolition methods and demolishing special structures, see the code of practice for demolition work.