Exposure to chemicals in nail salons

Chemicals are regularly used in nail salons but some of them can be highly toxic

If they are not used safely, they may cause serious health effects such as:

  • headaches
  • nose, skin or eye irritations
  • dermatitis
  • respiratory and nervous system illness
  • organ damage.

Suppliers of hazardous chemicals to nail salons must have appropriate Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and labels for hazardous chemicals.

Nail salon owners must train workers on how to read and understand information from SDS and labels of hazardous chemicals.

The self assessment tool for employers will help you and your workers work safety with chemicals.

The self assessment tool for workers will help you find out if you're working safely with chemicals, protecting yourself from chemical exposure.

Use this template to help you register the chemicals used in your workplace.


Vietnamese employers self assessment tool

Vietnamese workers self assessment tool

Vietnamese chemicals register template