Glass and glazing

If you work in glass and glazing, be aware of common hazards and how to avoid injury.

Common hazards include:

  • loading and unloading glass from shipping containers, particularly those with closed tops
  • loading and unloading vehicles or timber packaging, where glass may have moved during freight
  • being hit by falling glass due to unsafe lifting techniques
  • not using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • moving, handling and storing glass sheets.

Tips to stay safe when storing and handling glass sheets:

  • never restrain glass by hand
  • use the right mechanical lifting aids
  • keep the work area tidy
  • have a lifting plan
  • stand clear of glass sheets when moving them
  • use a suitable trolley or A Frame
  • activate trolley brakes and remove restraints when loading and unloading
  • avoid accessing sheets from the middle of the stack
  • educate workers
  • wear appropriate PPE.

See how these tips are applied in the safety alert, Storing and handling glass sheets, which outlines basic steps to avoid injury and keep workers safe.

Further information

In consultation with industry, we have developed posters specifically for glass and glazing workplaces that illustrate easy to understand compliance.

View and download the posters below:

If you are planning on making improvements to workplace safety through purchasing of equipment, you may be eligible to apply for the small business rebate.