Amusement devices

If your business provides devices that people use for entertainment (like carnival rides), you must check that the design of the device and the device itself is registered with us.

There are specific requirements for amusement devices, including on their:

You must ensure a competent person such as a chartered professional engineer or a person that is qualified to be on the National Professional Engineers register inspects the device.

For inflatable devices, such as jumping castles (that have a platform height less than nine metres) a 'competent person' need only demonstrate that they have acquired through training, qualifications or experience the knowledge and skills to inspect inflatable devices.

Some amusement devices do not require registration. These include:

  • wave generators
  • sealed inflatable devices or those which don't use a non return valve
  • miniature trains and railway systems, but only those which are owned and operated by model railway societies

Safe Work Australia also has guidance material to help you manage the risks.