SafeWork inspectors

The role of a SafeWork NSW inspector is to ensure our regulatory approaches promote a competitive, confident and protected NSW.

Our responsibilities include:

  • issuing licences and registration for potentially dangerous work
  • investigating workplace incidents
  • where necessary, enforcing WHS, workers compensation and explosives laws in NSW.

Visits by SafeWork inspectors to workplaces could be in response to an incident, complaint or request for advice, or as part of a targeted injury prevention program.

During these visits, inspectors may:

  • provide information and advice on the requirements of WHS or workers compensation law
  • explain the range of SafeWork products and services available to your business
  • provide practical advice on how to eliminate or reduce the risk of injury and illness
  • investigate and/or verify compliance with legislative obligations
  • issue notices or other instructions to secure compliance with legislation.

Read our SafeWork inspectors fact sheet for information on what to expect when an inspector visits, as well is what is expected of you,