Evidence of identity

You must be able to prove who you are when you apply for a high risk work licence or attend general construction induction training.

You will generally need 100 points of ID. Some documents you can use to provide this can include:

  • Australian birth certificate
  • Australian drivers licence
  • Medicare card
  • ATM card
  • utilities bill

Further information on the documents you can use to prove your identity can be found in our evidence of identity information sheet.

It is the responsibility of the trainer or assessor to verify the documentation.

Special requirements

Special evidence of identity provisions may apply to:

  • general construction induction training for:
    •  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
    • school students
    • overseas people who have been in Australia for less than six weeks
    • correctional centre inmates
  • training and assessment for high risk work licences for: 
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
    • correctional centre inmates.