Blasting notifications

You must be licenced to do blasting work and blasting explosives user licence (BEUL) holders must notify us at least seven working days before using explosives.

One notification is valid for one organised use of explosives at the same location (for a maximum period of three months).

We do not need to be notified by the licence holder prior to blasting activity in the following circumstances:

  • the use of explosives at a coal workplace or a mining workplace as defined in the Work Health and Safety (Mines) Act 2013
  • the use of explosives by police explosives technicians and other authorised officers
  • the use of explosives on a rural or farming property owned by the holder of a blasting explosives user licence (BEUL). Note: rural or farming property means a farm, orchard, pastoral holding or other agricultural or rural holding.

All other activities must be notified to us by the BUEL holder using the notification of blasting activity form. The notification must include:

  • the BEUL number and details
  • company details (if applicable)
  • supplier of the explosives
  • date(s) and time of the blasting activity
  • details of the blasting activity
  • confirmation that a blast management plan in accordance withAS2187 Explosives: storage, transport and use will be completed prior to the planned acitivity.

Send completed forms to:

Handling explosives

The Explosives Regulation 2013 requires all activities involving the handling of explosives to be carried out in accordance with:

AS2187 also provides specific requirements in relation to completing a blast management plan to ensure that all blasts are planned and designed to achieve the required outcome with minimal impact to the surrounding environment.

We may suspend or cancel a licence or impose penalties on licence holders who do not comply with the conditions of the licence or requirements in the legislation.