Demolition notifications

You must notify us five calendar days before undertaking any demolition work.

Demolition notification requirements will apply to:

  • a structure, or a part of a structure, that is load-bearing, or otherwise related to the physical integrity that is over six metres high
  • load shifting machinery on a suspended floor
  • explosives

You can lodge your notification electronically using the asbestos and demolition online notification system or complete the demolition notification form or send it us by:

  • fax to: (02) 9281 7486
  • email to:
  • delivery to SafeWork Parramatta Office, Level 4, 128 Marsden Street  Parramatta NSW (or any of our offices)
  • post to the: Asbestos Demolition Unit, Safework NSW, Level 4, 128 Marsden Street  Parramatta NSW  2150

Demolition notifications are free.

Our demolition notification guide has more information or call us on 1800 672 718.