Fireworks displays notifications

You must notify us at least seven working days before using any fireworks, distress signals (if not using it while under distress) or model rocket propellant device.

You must also notify other relevant authorities.

See our fireworks display checklist for more information.

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Notifying us

Licensed pyrotechnician's can now lodge notifications online.

You will need to provide:

  • your pyrotechnician's licence number and details
  • name of the organisation managing the event (including ABN/ACN)
  • sellers details (including ABN/ACN)
  • details of the display
  • reason for the display
  • types of fireworks being used
  • notification of all relevant authorities
  • confirmation that a risk assessment will be undertaken prior to the display taking place

More information about notifying online is available in our FAQs.

Notification fees are listed in our fees and charges schedule.

You can still lodge a notification by completing the fireworks notification form and sending it to:

We will send you a written confirmation of your notification.

Notifying other authorities

You must also notify:

  1. the local council at least seven working days prior to the display
  • local councils can object to a proposed fireworks display. Refer to the guidelines for more information.
  • council may request the pyrotechnician to complete the fireworks display checklist
  • a letter from the council stating that it has no objections to the display may be required if multiple notifications are being applied for
  1. the local area commander of police (and/or local police) at least two working days before the display
  1. the local NSW Fire and Rescue (and/or Rural Fire Service, where applicable) at least two working days before the display.

You may also need to notify the following agencies at least two working days before the display:

We may suspend or cancel a licence or impose penalties on licence holders who do not comply with the conditions of the licence or requirements in the legislation.