Changes to Registration Documents

Changes to registration documents

Registration holders must advise us of changes to registration information if:

  • There are changes to any information shown on the registration certificate, or information provided relating to the registration; or
  • The item of plant is altered to an extent or in a way that requires the plant to be subject to new control measures
  • A registered item of plant, which is usually fixed, has been relocated; or
  • The registration holder no longer has management or control of the item of plant

The changes must be notified to us in writing within 14 days of you becoming aware of those changes.

If the item of plant has been relocated, you must also provide a statement that the plant has been inspected by a competent person and is safe to operate.

Notifying changes

We can be notified of changes of ownership or relocation of a fixed item of plant by completing notification form to relocate or change the ownership of registered plant.

All other changes can be notified by email or post.

Completed forms and/or written correspondence can be sent by:

We may provide you with an updated certificate incorporating the changes.