Plant item registration

There are certain types of plant that require registration with us or a corresponding work health and safety regulator. Each item of these types of plant must be registered by the person in control of the item of plant e.g. the owner or lessee.

Types of plant that must be registered include:

  • tower cranes including self erecting tower cranes
  • mobile cranes with a safe working load of more than 10 tonnes
  • truck mounted concrete placement units with delivery booms
  • lifts, escalators and moving walkways
  • building maintenance units
  • boilers with a hazard level of A, B or C
  • pressure vessels with hazard level of A, B, or C (except LP gas fuel vessels for automotive use; serially produced pressure vessels; or pressure vessels that do not require periodic internal inspection)
  • amusement devices covered by Section 2.1 of Australian Standard (AS) 3533.1:2009 (except passenger ropeways and water slides

Requirements for registering a plant item

For item registration of mining specific plant, contact the NSW Resources Regulator. See the NSW Resources Regulator plant registration webpage .

To register an item of plant with us complete the form to register an item of plant and pay the applicable fee.

Savings Provisions

Item registration of plant is continuing as if under the former Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 2001 until 1 January 2020, except for passenger ropeways and water slides (refer to clause 702A of the WHS Regulation 2017).

After 01 January 2020, some additional items of plant will require item registration (a full list is included in Part 2 of Schedule 5 of the WHS Regulation 2017). These include:

  • Non-powered amusement devices,
  • Hazard Level C pressure vessels that are listed in Australian Standard AS 3788 as not requiring routine internal inspections, and
  • Fixed concrete placing booms (tower booms)

Persons taking these items of plant into another state or territory should check whether item registration is currently required.

Additional requirements for amusement devices

There are additional requirements when registering an amusement device.

To register an amusement device you must complete the form to register an item of plant, pay the applicable fee and also submit:

  • two clear photographs (not less than 90 mm x 70 mm) of the erected amusement device taken from different angles
  • section 6.5.1 of the application form, completed by a qualified engineer, declaring the device is mechanically and structurally capable, with all necessary maintenance and repairs carried out and recorded and that it complies with the AS 3533.1-1997 Amusement Rides and Devices Part 1: Design and Construction
  • if the device includes electrical power, section 6.5.2 of the application form, completed by a qualified electrical engineer, licenced electrician or electrical contractor (depending on the type of device, as explained on the application form).

Renewal of plant item registration

Registration of individual plant items must be renewed annually. We will send a renewal notice to the address on the registration certificate. For amusement devices, the renewal must be accompanied by an engineer’s certificate, and if electrically powered an electrical certificate, for inspections conducted within the 3 months prior to the date of the renewal application.

Replacing a plant registration document

Complete the application form to replace a plant item or design registration if you need to replace a plant item or design registration document (certificate) that has been lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

Requesting a search for plant registration records

Complete the application form to search for a registered plant item or design records held by us.

You must be the owner of the plant design or item(s) to be searched or provide a letter of authorisation from the owner of the plant design or items(s) and attach it to the application.

Lodging completed forms

All completed forms can be sent to us by:

Ensure you read the form instructions and lodge any required supporting documentation with your application.