Tower crane considerations

This document provides a summary of high level information for consideration throughout the life cycle stages of a tower crane.


  • Complies with AS1418 parts 1 and 4, or equivalent.
  • Design registered if required, including verification by an independent design verifier.
  • Item registered if required, and registration is current.

Pre-erection inspection and testing

  • Performed by a competent person as per manufacturer’s requirements or AS 2550.4.
  • Non-destructive testing of critical areas and high stress components as required.
  • Inspection and testing documented, records available on request.

Erection and commissioning

  • Geotech report and confirm suitability of crane foundation/grillage/standing area.
  • Erection as per manufacturer’s requirements, and ensure stability at all times.
  • Commissioning includes testing correct functioning of safety devices.

Specific training

  • Appropriate high risk work licences – crane operator, dogging/rigging etc.
  • Specific competency – crane make/model, working at heights, rescue, fire fighting etc.
  • Site requirements – induction, emergency procedures/contacts, traffic management.

Ongoing inspection and maintenance

  • Inspections – daily, routine, periodic and major – per manufacturer’s requirements or AS 2550.4.
  • Construction schedule includes time for maintenance.
  • Inspection and maintenance documented, records available on request.

Site operational hazards

  • Collision hazards – adjacent buildings, structures, overhead power lines, mobile plant etc.
  • Multiple cranes operating in close proximity.
  • Site issues – crane access, mains power access, loading zone restrictions, wind exposure, operations over public spaces.

Dismantle and removal

  • Identify location(s) for secondary crane to dismantle primary crane.
  • Existence of new structure.
  • Traffic management plan for complete dismantling, including areas for transportation vehicles to wait, load and exit.

Further information


Industry plant consultative committee comprising SafeWork NSW, the Master Builders Association of NSW and the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union.