Tower crane maintenance

Tower crane maintenance has come under increased scrutiny following the UTS fire. Three issues consistently raised are:

  1. lack of maintenance of cranes causing job stoppages
  2. incorporation of crane servicing/ maintenance into project schedule.
  3. allocated servicing times

To address these, the Industry Plant Consultative Committee advises the following:

  • regular servicing and maintenance is imperative for safe crane operation and a safe job site, and is required by legislation, WHS Regulation 2011, chapter 5 clause 213. AS/NZS 1418 and AS/NZS 2550 can be used as guidance material
  • the builder has an obligation to co-ordinate with the manufacture/supplier to service the cranes
  • allow sufficient time for crane servicing and maintenance in the project schedule. Time between services should not exceed the manufacture/suppliers recommended intervals
  • the crane industry recognises the difficulties associated with the scheduling, servicing and maintenance of cranes during contractual programmed working hours. Times for affected workers and servicing/maintenance should be negotiated between the principal contractor and the crane manufacture/supplier and be incorporated to the construction program, prior to commencement of works

Following these will not only make your site safer, but also prevent costly delays waiting for parts or maintenance workers to become available after a failure has stopped the crane operating.